Our History

Dr. H.E. Hynes founded Cancer Center of Kansas, P. A. in 1975 in Wichita, KS.  As the demand from the community grew, CCK opened clinics in other cities in Kansas.  We now have 13 sites besides the main office in Wichita, and we continue to grow.

Dr. Shaker Dakhil joined Dr. Hynes at CCK in 1980.  ‘With the continuing demand more physicians joined the CCK family starting with Dr. Michael Cannon in 1986, Dr. David Johnson in 1989, Dr. Dennis Moore, Jr. in 1994, Dr. Bassam Mattar in 1999, Dr. Thomas Schulz in 2000, Dr. Niranjan Parekh in 2001, Dr. William Jennings in 2002, Dr. Dennis Moore Sr. in 2002, Dr. Nassim Nabbout in 2002, Dr. Pavan Reddy in 2005, Dr. Phu Truong in 2005 and Dr. Seth Page in 2010.

These physicians not only treat and see patients in our Wichita office, but also travel to our outreach offices on a weekly basis providing Oncology/Hematology care to patients throughout Kansas.

Dr. Hynes passed away in 2000 leaving the other thirteen physicians to care for the many needs of Oncology and Hematology patients in Kansas.  All have been molded by Dr. Hynes’ influence and teachings, and will continue to carry out CCK’s future and growth.